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Tree and Stump Removal, Tree Clean Up and Firewood Cutting in Steger, IL

Access Services offers the full range of any imaginable tree service. A fully insured and bonded company, we’re standing by to address your tree-related needs. Whether you need standing tree removal, dead tree removal, lot clearing, tree clean up, stump removal, tree shaping, pruning, firewood cutting, snow removal, or another tree service entirely, you can trust us to deliver quality and affordable services.

Tree and Stump Removal, Tree Clean Up, Lot Clearing, and Firewood Cutting

When they fall, trees can do a lot of damage to nearby houses, vehicles, and other structures, not to mention power lines and related infrastructure. If you think a tree is at risk of toppling, standing tree removal is the best course of action to prevent these costly occurrences.

We offer preventative tree removal so that you can rest easy, knowing that that storm-damaged or ancient tree is no longer threatening your assets. Furthermore, once the tree is down, we will gladly turn it into warmth by offering our firewood cutting services.

Other times, a tree falls unexpectedly. Access Services can also safely break down and remove fallen trees. Furthermore, weprovide lot clearing so that you can use your land to its fullest potential, whether it needs to be cleared of trees, stumps, or other debris.
Shredder for sawn wood — snow removal in Steger, IL
Fall Tree Pruning — snow removal in Steger, IL

Tree Trimming, Tree Shaping, and Pruning

What if it isn’t a tree or stump you need removed, but maybe an old branch just needs to come down? Perhaps the trees on your property simply need a little maintenance. Access Services also offers clean, professional tree trimming, tree shaping, and pruning services.

The entrance to your home is an important space your family and your guests encounter frequently. Get your landscape into top shape by hiring our experienced and detail-oriented crew to trim and shape your trees and hedges.

Snow Removal

Every winter, Steger, Illinois, is covered in a beautiful blanket of snow. We know, however, that while you’d like to relax and enjoy a snow day with your loved ones, the demands of life still require your attention.

In a heavy snow, it can be a chore to clear driveways and ensure our sidewalks are safe for travel. That is why Access Services is out year round and in the roughest weather. We offer snow removal using a variety of tools, employing whatever it takes to get the job done.
Clearing roads of snow — snow removal in Steger, IL